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A Quick 10-minute phone conversation with one of our nitrogen generation specialists will typically provide us with enough information so we can recommend the best nitrogen solution for your company. Whether it is nitrogen generation; continuing with your current nitrogen supply; or using an alternative nitrogen supply mode.

Why spend hours researching the internet when you can get all of your questions answered in a 10 minute phone call.


laser cutting
Carbon Dioxide
Fiber - Nitrogen Generator Specialist
Beam Purge

Laser Cutting

Designed specifically for laser cutting, the NitroPure system offers the highest in purity, pressure and efficiency. This total package includes a premium air compressor, a booster compressor, and a CGT PSA Nitrogen Generator that is reliable, yet simple. Maximize profitability and productivity with on-site nitrogen gas generation.


From single instruments to complete labs, CGT nitrogen generators provide a constant, reliable, on-demand supply of lab gas nitrogen. The following is a list of some of the LCMS equipment connected to our nitrogen generators: AB Sciex: Agilent; Advion: Bruker; Shimadzu. Thermo Scientific; Varian; Waters
CGT nitrogen generators are installed in private labs
Glove Boxes - CGT
food packaging companies
MAP - Compressed Gas Technologies
CSA - nitrogen generation
Bottling Icon Nitrogen generation
Blanketing - Compressed Gas Technologies

Food Packaging

Our nitrogen generation systems are extremely reliable and cost-effective. They are in use for MAP (modified atmospheric packaging); CAS (controlled atmospheric storage); sparging; blanketing; bottling. Customers range from snack foods; coffee; wineries; breweries; oil refineries; oil packaging.


CGT on-site nitrogen generators are specifically designed to operate 24/7 with minimal maintenance. The following is a list of some of the industries connected to our nitrogen generators: electronics; rapid prototyping; military; aerospace; heat treat; aluminum extrusion.
Nitrogen Generators for industrial applications
Rapid Prototyping
Heat Treatment
Aluminum Extrusion
Nitrogen Generators - Oil & Gas Industry
Instrument Purging
Blanketing - Compressed Gas Technologies
Gas Seals

Oil & Gas

CGT on-site nitrogen generators are robust and reliable and are designed to operate 24/7 in some of the toughest environments. The following is a list of some of the uses of our nitrogen generators: laboratories; gas seals; off-shore; instrumentation; blanketing; purging.



Experience – Since 2001

With over 1000 nitrogen generators installed throughout North America, our best in class technical support team works closely with each customer to ensure the equipment chosen is cost effective, reliable, simple and easy to maintain.

cost savings

Lowest Cost of Ownership

We ensure your costs are low with the most energy efficient nitrogen systems on the market. Long life components keep ongoing maintenance costs to a minimum.

widest range of systems

Widest Range of Systems

We have the widest range membrane and PSA nitrogen generation systems ranging from 1 scfh – 100,000 scfh. Small flow, large flow, high purity, we have systems for all applications.

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