Autoclaves Nitrogen Generators


Many manufacturers use Nitrogen to provide an inert atmosphere for pressurizing their large autoclaves. These autoclaves operate like huge pressure cookers, heating and…

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Beer Dispensing Nitrogen Generators

Beer Dispensing

During the past decade, utilizing a mixture of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen (N2) gases for dispensing draft beer has become enormously popular at retail outlets...

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Biodiesel - Nitrogen Generators


Nitrogen is used to blanket tanks of B100 biodiesel, methylate, & glycerin. The nitrogen prevents moisture contamination as well as oxygen degradation.

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Blown Film Extrusions - Nitrogen Generators

Blown Film Extrusion

Plastic bags, plastic wrap, shrink wrap are examples of plastics made from Blown Film Extrusion. The blown film extrusion process consists of an extruded tube of molten…

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Coffee Packaging Nitrogen Generators

Coffee Packaging

Immediately after roasting, oxygen begins destroying coffee causing it to lose its flavor. Displacing oxygen with nitrogen “Nitrogen Flushing” during the coffee…

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Dry Box Storage

Dry Box Storage

Storage of assemblies in a nitrogen atmosphere prevents contamination by moisture, oxygen and other foreign matter. This provision can be a valuable part of…

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Dust Collectors Nitrogen Generators

Dust Collectors

Studies have shown that over the last 25 years, more and more accidents are being reported across the US, Canada and Europe involving combustible explosions…

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enhanced oil recovery - nitrogen generators

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Enhanced Oil Recovery, or tertiary recovery, involves extending the life of oil and gas reservoirs through a variety of fluid / chemical injections into existing reservoirs…

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Snack Food Packaging - Nitrogen Generators

Food Packaging

Various snack foods including potato chips & peanuts rely on a source of nitrogen for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). MAP is a technique…

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Fruit Storage Nitrogen Generators

Fruit Storage

Controlled Atmosphere Storage (CAS). Eating crisp apples year-round is possible due to controlled atmosphere storage. Known simply as “CA” in the industry…

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Gas Seals Nitrogen Generators

Gas Seals

Nitrogen is used for pressurizing dry gas seals on selected gas compressor and gas turbine installations that need inert gas for lubricating and…

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Grain Silos Nitrogen Generators

Grain Silos

Nitrogen can be used for pest control. By flooding the grain silos with nitrogen and bringing the oxygen levels down, all pests will be killed in the oxygen…

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Nitrogen Generators for Laser Cutting Industry

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting with nitrogen is intended for applications where oxidation is not wanted. For example, an oxide layer can cause paint to adhere…

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Nitrogen Generators for LC/-MS & Pharmaceutical Applications


LC/MS (Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) is defined as the marriage between liquid chromatography separation and mass spectrometric detection…

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lead free solder - nitrogen generators

Lead Free Solder

The use of nitrogen assisted soldering equipment does mitigate some of the problems associated with using lead-free solders. Nitrogen helps on two fronts…

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Nitrogen Generators - mines fire prevention

Mine Fires Prevention

The objective in extinguishing a coal mine fire is to reduce the oxygen content of the combustive gases below the lower limit of explosion (LEL). Specialty foams are…

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plastic resin nitrogen generators


Nitrogen is often used in the plastic resin industry in the extrusion hopper to prevent the adsorption atmospheric moisture in pre-dried resin.

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power stations nitrogen generators

Power Stations

Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG). One of the most effective means of ensuring plant longevity and reliability is to implement sound Lay-Up procedures on your HRSG(s)…

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Rapid Prototyping Nitrogen Generators

Rapid Prototyping

SLS (Selective Laser Sintering). An additive layer-by-layer process, Selective Laser Sintering (rapid prototyping) technology uses a high-temperature laser to melt…

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tank blanketing - nitrogen generators

Tank Blanketing

ank Blanketing, or padding, refers to applying a cover of gas over the surface of a stored commodity; usually a liquid. Its purpose is either to protect or contain the stored…

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