CGT nitrogen generators for LC-MS are installed in private labs; universities; pharmaceutical companies providing high-quality lab gas nitrogen for many years.  These plug-and-play systems eliminate the need to handle high-pressure cylinders or liquid nitrogen dewars, providing rapid ROI’s.


plug and play

A major university in Texas (Utexax) operated a compact Advion mass spectrometer and wanted to eliminate nitrogen cylinders. The nitrogen generator used is designed for plug-and-play operation. It was producing nitrogen the same day it was installed. The university has since installed a second unit.

health and safety

An east coast nutraceutical company installed one of our nitrogen generators to replace their supply of liquid nitrogen dewars. The companies main focus was to protect their workers from the handling and storage of these cryogenic tanks.

cost savings

A major pharmaceutical company located in Syracuse, NY installed one our nitrogen generators to feed 5 mass spectrometers. The system eliminated the need to purchase two liquid nitrogen dewars per day. The payback on the nitrogen system was less than 18 months.


The Department of Agriculture installed a CGT nitrogen system to supply up to 6 mass specs with high purity nitrogen. They wanted a system that could be expanded as they add new equipment in the future.

Nitrogen Generators for LCMS and Pharmaceutical Applications