nitrogen-generator-priceNitrogen generator pricing is something that is hard to quote generally. Depending on your application, the type and size of the nitrogen generator required will vary.
Typically a nitrogen generator will pay for itself in less than two years assuming the nitrogen is being used continuously (70% utilization factor is a rule of thumb) and the process can tolerate some oxygen. The price of industrial gas varies greatly based on geography (proximity to a nitrogen supply source) and volume (how much nitrogen is used) therefore each case will be different.

We encourage you to request a quick quote, so that we are able to provide you with a nitrogen generator price quote as accurately as possible. Compressed Gas Technologies will provide you with budget pricing within a time span of 2 hours.*

Quick Estimate

Basic nitrogen generator price is as follows:


  • Small flow nitrogen generators generally start at $3000 and go up to $20,000.
  • Mid flow nitrogen generators range between $20,000 and $100,000.
  • Large flow nitrogen generators are $100,000 and above.

Nitrogen generator price varies depending on options required.

Some options for consideration are:

  • Nitrogen Buffer Tanks: Tank sizes will vary depending on the application. Constant flow applications (example: blanketing) typically do not require a large buffer tank. However customers with intermittent flows (example: product transfer) may require a tank to satisfy a large demand for a short time.
  • Oxygen analyzers: Some applications are very critical and the oxygen levels need to be monitored.
  • High pressure requirements: Customers that need high pressure nitrogen (typically above 200 psig) will require a nitrogen booster to elevate the nitrogen pressure to the required pressure.
  • Feed air compressors: In some cases customers do not have enough compressed air or high enough pressure. In these cases, a dedicated air compressor will be required.
  • Compressed Air Dryers: Almost all nitrogen generators (membrane and PSA) require dry compressed air. if the air quality feeding the nitrogen generator is not adequate a dedicated air dryer may need to be installed ahead of the nitrogen generator.
  • Skid Mount Packages: Skid mount packages are well suited for customers requiring plug and play operation.

Compressed Gas Technologies offers 3 types of nitrogen generators:

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