Scroll CompressorTypically used in laboratory applications that require low flow nitrogen and where noise is a factor:
Orbital scroll technology utilizes a fixed and orbital scroll to create compression. Atmospheric air enters the compression chamber where the orbiting scroll seals the inlet port. The scroll will then orbit around the fixed scroll where the air is continually compressed into smaller and smaller volumes. The compressed air is now at the proper flow and pressure and is discharged through the center of the scroll element. This is a continuous process that produces oil-free compressed air.

  • Oil-free air: Due to the fact that there is no contact between the orbiting scrolls, oil is not required within the compression element. Therefore scroll technology guarantees oil free air.
  • Energy efficient: Simple load/ unload technology is used allowing for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Low noise level: Scroll technology is typically the quietest in industry making it a perfect machine for nitrogen generation in the laboratory industry.
  • Reliability & durability: Since the scroll compressor has minimal moving parts, long operating life with a minimum number of service intervals, are built right in.