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Advantages of PSA nitrogen generators

Advantages of PSA nitrogen generators

PSA nitrogen generators are commonly called pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generators. These PSA generators are capable of producing high-purity nitrogen gas from atmospheric air. A similar purity can be achieved through cryogenic systems, however, the complicated process is used in specific high consumption industries as an alternative to PSA nitrogen generator systems.

Compressed Gas Technologies uses PSA technology in their nitrogen generators. CGT’s PSA nitrogen gas generators can produce a constant supply of high purity nitrogen available with or without internal compressors.

Outlined below are advantages a facility or business would gain by eliminating gas cylinders and replacing them with PSA nitrogen generators made by Compressed Gas Technologies Inc. for their daily operations.

  1. Convenience
  • PSA nitrogen generatorsensure there is no shortage of gas supply during analysis. Gas can also be delivered on-demand.
  • Maintaining gas stock inventory is not needed. Reordering cylinders in bulk is not required. There is no waiting on the stock.
  1. Reliability and consistency
  • PSA generators are well known for their capability of delivering gas at a constant rate while maintaining a stable purity. Similarly, there is no risk of contamination in the pipeline that can hamper the function of the processes or workflow productivity.
  1. Low cost of operation
  • Up to 50% of nitrogen production savings can be achieved if businesses swap out old out-of-date air separation plants.
  • Compared to the costs of bottled nitrogen or liquefied nitrogen obtained in bulk purchase, the net costs of onsite PSA nitrogen generation plants are considerably less.
  1. Reduced carbon footprint
  • Onsite PSA nitrogen generation is energy efficient and sustainable providing clean, dry, pure nitrogen gas to the process it was intended to support.
  1. Increased Safety
  • Transportation of nitrogen requires nitrogen gas to be converted to liquid at -196 degrees centigrade or stored at pressures upwards of 200-300 bar or 2900-4350 psi. The loading and unloading of these liquids are hazardous, and possibilities of leaks or spills are high. Such dangerous mishaps can cause injuries or even death. With onsite PSA nitrogen generators, these risks are eliminated and storing the surplus gas can be achieved at a pressure demanded by the application that it is intended for.
  1. Built to suit specific needs

Specific industries require nitrogen gas at remote locations. These areas are not easily accessible, and delivery of nitrogen cylinders is not practically possible. Having an onsite nitrogen generator for industries such as offshore drilling is the best solution. It also allows the industry to adjust the supply and purity as per their application’s needs.

At Compressed Gas Technologies Inc., we guarantee high-quality PSA nitrogen generators that are further backed by our expert service and industry-leading warranties.

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