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CGT Launches new MIDIGAS range of PSA Nitrogen Generators for those looking to save costs further!


Compressed Gas Technologies Inc. has launched the enhanced MIDIGAS systems which complement the proven MAXIGAS range, means that the company has the capability to offer nitrogen generators for low to high volume requirements, and can now help customers save costs further, improve their productivity and their profitability.

Nitrogen gas is used for many different applications throughout industry. The MIDIGAS generators have been designed to offer a simple and cost effective method of producing high purity nitrogen in-situ, simply from a supply of compressed air. This eliminates the need for traditional and expensive gas storage cylinders, dewars or bulk storage. As a result, customers using MIDIGAS generators can make significant reductions in the cost of using nitrogen, with a fast payback on a MIDIGAS generator of between 12 and 24 months, and ongoing savings of up to 90% thereafter.

In addition, by producing nitrogen on-site, the latest MIDIGAS generators allow customers to overcome the environmental issues associated with road transport of bottled gas, and the unpredictability of fluctuating gas prices.

Each MIDIGAS generator is supplied as an integrated system, has a compact footprint and requires just mains power and compressed air connections. The generators use proven pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology, with pairs of extruded aluminum modular columns filled with high performance carbon molecular sieves (CMS). These adsorb oxygen preferentially from the compressed air supply, with the larger nitrogen molecules being allowed to pass through each sieve to a storage vessel, from where the gas can be fed directly to process applications.

During manufacture, the extruded columns are snowstorm filled with CMS. This provides a maximum packing density and uniform flows, producing a highly efficient method of separation with a continuous nitrogen stream that delivers 5% down to 10ppm oxygen content. The snowstorm filling also improves back flushing to exhaust the adsorbed oxygen and other contaminants from each column.

The operation of each MIDIGAS system is fully automatic, making it easy to setup and operate, with the production of nitrogen being determined by the demands of downstream processes. This helps to reduce overall energy consumption and considerably extends the operating life of the unit, which is typically in excess of ten years. Similarly, maintenance costs are low, with only routine maintenance required, while the modular design of the MIDIGAS system enables the installation to be extended as and when nitrogen requirements increase.