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Ossur utilizes PMNG membrane nitrogen generator in rapid prototyping department

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Foothill Ranch, CA. Ossur recently installed a PMNG membrane nitrogen generator in their rapid prototyping department. OSSUR was able to eliminate their high pressure nitrogen cylinders they had been using. The nitrogen generator eliminates the problems associated with running out of nitrogen; storage and handling; ordering; deliveries; weekly purchase orders, just to name a few. The unit was extremely simple to install and was on-line making nitrogen within minutes of startup.

Founded in 1971, Ossur has amassed wide-ranging expertise in the development, manufacture and sale of non-invasive orthopaedics. An assertive acquisition strategy has complemented ambitious organic growth over the last ten years and the Company is now a leading global player in the industry.

Ossur continues to conceive and harness the very best in design and technological advances in its award-winning pursuit of “life without limitations”. Recognized by the World Economic Forum as a “Technology Pioneer”, the Company invests significantly in research and product development, and Ossur’s innovative R&D unit helps ensure a consistently strong position in the market.

The business employs a staff of around 1,600 across 14 strategic locations. Ossur has extensive operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia, with numerous distributors in other markets. The Company’s headquarters are in Iceland.

The Company is named after Ossur Kristinsson, an Icelandic prosthetist who, in the early 1970’s, focused on designing a better interface for prosthetic sockets. He soon discovered the ideal properties of silicone and put them to work in the form of the Iceross liner ®. Within a short space of time his invention was helping thousands of amputees across the world to secure their prosthesis to their limb in a far more effective and comfortable way than ever before.

Building on that pioneering tradition, Ossur has added numerous life-changing products to its portfolio, dynamic braces such as the Unloader One to relieve the pain of osteoarthritis, and the unique prosthetic foot PROPRIO FOOT ®, the first lower leg prosthesis in the world to incorporate Bionic Technology by Ossur.

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