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Griffin Industries installs PMNG Nitrogen Generator for Blanketing

Griffin Industries recently installed a high flow PMNG nitrogen generator for blanketing hexane in their newest facility located in Florida. Compressed Gas Technologies sales staff worked closely with Griffin Industries engineers to ensure the system would be able to meet current requirements but also be expandable to meet future demands.

Griffin Industries was founded in 1943 by John and Rosellen Griffin. Today, Griffin is a wholly owned subsidiary of Darling International and part of the largest rendering company in North America. The company provides the most effective animal and bakery by-product and restaurant grease recycling services in the world, reclaiming these materials into a host of value-added product streams.

Headquartered in Cold Spring, Kentucky, the company continues to grow and expand, developing new products and services and extending its reach in the domestic and global marketplace.
Derived from agriculture-based recycling operations and restaurant and bakery by-product collection services, Griffin’s products include fats, oils, proteins, renewable fuels, methyl esters, leather goods and organic fertilizers. An innovative industry leader, Griffin products are synonymous with quality in the pet food, animal feed, industrial/chemical, petroleum, leather and fertilizer industries.

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