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Whirlpool Finds Ways to Reduce Nitrogen Consumption with Nitrogen Generators


One of the world’s largest manufacturers of refrigerators recently hired Compressed Gas Technologies to find ways to reduce their nitrogen consumption. CGT met with the staff and reviewed all of the processes that utilized nitrogen throughout the plant.

The following is a list of the savings CGT was able to identify.

  1. Eliminated areas where nitrogen was being misapplied. Reduced weekly consumption by over 30,000 cf with a yearly savings of $17,000.
  2. Eliminated the inefficient high pressure nitrogen system that was no longer needed for laser cutting, reducing the nitrogen consumption by 50%. Estimated savings were $50,000.
  3. Recommended the installation of a nitrogen generator with a high pressure booster, with 100% redundancy, for pressure testing of coils. This would eliminate the need for bulk liquid nitrogen. The payback is expected to take less than 2 years.

The changes made in the plant were very small but the financial rewards were huge.