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CGT supplies Tyco with their 4th MAXIGAS PSA nitrogen generator


Tyco Electronics has awarded Compressed Gas Technologies the order to supply the fourth MAXIGAS PSA nitrogen generators for their selective soldering line. Tyco Electronics chose the MAXIGAS PSA nitrogen gas generator unit because of its high purity capabilities and modular design. Tyco was able to add additional “banks” as their soldering line grew allowing Tyco much needed flexibility. Tyco Electronics.

With a 50-plus year history of leadership, Tyco Electronics is a US$14.4 billion global provider of engineered electronic components for thousands of consumer and industrial products; network solutions and systems for telecommunications and energy markets; undersea telecommunication systems; and specialty products. We design, manufacture and market products for customers in a broad array of industries including automotive; data communication systems and consumer electronics; telecommunications; aerospace, defense and marine; medical; alternative energy; and lighting.

Tyco Electronics is an independent, publicly traded company whose common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol “TEL”.