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MAXIGAS PSA nitrogen generator to aid Davisco Foods


Compressed Gas Technologies Inc. recently received an order to supply a MAXIGAS high purity psa nitrogen generator to one of Davisco Foods cheese manufacturing facilities. The nitrogen will be used in the packaging of grated cheese.

Davisco Foods, founded in 1943, is a family-owned International cheese and food ingredient company headquartered in Le Sueur, MN. Davisco owns cheese companies in Le Sueur, MN, Jerome, ID and Lake Norden, SD in addition to food ingredient companies in Le Sueur and Nicollet, MN, Lake Norden, SD and Jerome, ID. Davisco has sales offices in Minneapolis, Mexico City, Geneva, Shanghai and world wide partners in Middle East, Japan and Africa.

Davisco produces 370 million lbs. of cheese annually and is a pioneer in whey protein isolate research, Davisco produces 10 million lbs. of whey protein isolates annually. Davisco is the industry leader in technology and production, accounting for 65% of whey protein isolates sold worldwide. Whey protein isolates are found in 50% of grocery products today, including sports drinks, reduced fat candies, low fat salad dressings, infant formula, yogurts, dips, shelf-stable baking mixes, and low fat cheese sauces.