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Can a Nitrogen Generator Help Your Organization Be Environmentally Friendly?

environmentally friendly nitrogen generators

On-site nitrogen generators are designed to provide you with a steady supply of nitrogen gas when you need it and thus, have quickly become a staple in many industries around the world. Through Membrane or Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, nitrogen molecules are separated from other gases and stored in a tank, ready for use on-demand for a variety of applications. Thanks to the technological advancements in nitrogen generation, your organization now has a more cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly alternative to nitrogen delivery.

4 Ways Nitrogen Generation is Environmentally-Friendly

Investing in an on-site nitrogen generator not only benefits your bottom line but it also lowers your carbon footprint since it completely eliminates the variables that are associated with nitrogen delivery from a third-party vendor. Here are a few more reasons why integrating an on-site nitrogen generator is better for the environment:

  • Reduce Your Energy Consumption: There is a process nitrogen must go through before these cylinders are even delivered to your facility. The cylinders are created at a commercial plant where the method of separating nitrogen takes a tremendous amount of energy, while also producing large amounts of CO2 that is then dispersed into the surrounding air. By using an on-site nitrogen generator, relying on the cylinder production process will no longer be necessary.
  • Eliminate Delivery Trucks: One of the most significant ways your facility can reduce its carbon footprint is by relying on an on-site nitrogen generator to create your own supply of nitrogen gas on demand. Self-sufficiency eliminates the need for regular nitrogen deliveries which means that there will be fewer trucks on the road. Trucks are often responsible for emitting harmful gases into the atmosphere.
  • Minimize Product Waste: Producing your own nitrogen eliminates your need to rely on cylinders which also means that there will be nothing to dispose of. While cylinders can often be reused, they do eventually become ineffective and must be put somewhere. Additionally, delivered nitrogen can also seep out of its container by up to 10%, wasting the product before you even begin using it. Nitrogen generation allows you to keep all of your nitrogen supply and removes excessive contributions to the landfill.
  • Remove Preservatives in Food Packaging: Many food packaging companies add preservatives to their products in order to increase shelf life. However, replacing oxygen with nitrogen gas inside packaging can help reduce or even eliminate your need to rely on these chemical preservatives. Nitrogen is also a cleaner way to keep moisture out which will also help your product last longer.

Make Positive Contributions to the Environment with Compressed Gas Technologies Inc

On-site nitrogen generation is not only the best choice for your business but it is also the smartest choice for our planet. Today, consumers are more interested in working with companies that are more environmentally aware. If you want to join the growing population of environmentally-friendly facilities, Compressed Gas Technologies Inc is here to help. We are your leading generator manufacturers and our range of Membrane and PSA nitrogen gas generators can help your organization reduce costs, improve production efficiencies and enable you to meet your environmental sustainability targets. For a simpler and greener way to meet your nitrogen gas needs, explore our wide selection of high-quality nitrogen gas generating systems. Do your part to help build a more sustainable future and make the switch to an on-site nitrogen generator today.

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