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The Benefits of Using On-Site Nitrogen Generators in the Electronics Industry

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In recent years, nitrogen gas has been frequently used in the field of electronics manufacturing. The industry is extremely complex and demands accuracy and precision at every step. That is why nitrogen is the optimal choice to help manufacturers achieve perfect results every time. Nitrogen gas helps control the specific atmosphere that is necessary in regard to timing, temperature, assembling and packaging applications. It plays an important role in the soldering process and also offers many benefits in the creation of surface mount technology (SMT) manufacturing. Essentially, using nitrogen gas will help ensure the long-term reliability of your electronic products. The question is, what nitrogen generation system is ideal and the most cost-effective?

How Industrial Nitrogen Generators Can Benefit Electronics Manufacturing

It’s no secret that the manufacturing of electronics leaves no room for error. Through the process of SMT, electronic devices are safer and easier to manufacture than their lead-based soldering predecessors. Completed devices are also known to perform better as long as the conditions in which they were made are perfect. This is where an industrial nitrogen generator comes into play. A nitrogen generation system supplies you with a steady supply of nitrogen gas to ensure that the goal of perfection is achieved.

Here are a few more ways nitrogen generators can benefit the electronics industry:

  • Creates a Consistent Atmosphere: Nitrogen gas plays a big role in creating the ideal atmosphere for successful electronics manufacturing. Nitrogen is responsible for maintaining a clean, dry and inert environment consistently throughout the workday so that the manufacturing process can be performed safely at all times. Furthermore, nitrogen reduces the presence of moisture, oxidation, and other errors, while ensuring high productivity rates.
  • Prevents Oxidation: One of the most common obstacles when it comes to soldering is oxidation or the formation of oxygen particles between the adjoining materials. Circuit boards and other electronic components rely on strong solder joints. When oxidation is present, it weakens the foundation of the joint and may lead to product defects. Conversely, nitrogen gas significantly reduces oxidation and encourages a more stable solder joint.
  • Reduces Dross: Foreign particles, or dross, in molten metal can lead to major issues during the soldering process. By delivering a steady flow of nitrogen gas, it helps to reduce the amount of dross that is produced and helps strengthen the solder joint. Using nitrogen in this application can also lessen the costs and downtime associated with the clean-up of solder waste.
  • Enables Better Results: Using pure nitrogen gas will enable precision and facilitate more efficient results. By reducing surface tension, nitrogen gas allows the solder to cleanly break away from the soldering site to produce crisper finishes. It’s no wonder why nitrogen gas has replaced oxygen as the assist gas of choice when it comes to manufacturing top quality electronic products.

Contact Compressed Gas Technologies Inc for Industrial Nitrogen Generators

Since 2001, Compressed Gas Technologies has been supplying the electronics industry with safe, reliable and cost-effective on-site nitrogen generators. Instead of relying on delivered nitrogen cylinders, an on-site nitrogen generation system will not only eliminate this dependency, but it can also drastically reduce your overall expenses. You will benefit from nitrogen supply that is always there when you need it and can, therefore, increase your savings by generating your own supply on demand. Additionally, since nitrogen gas improves the electronics manufacturing process, by and large, fewer repairs will be needed, significantly reducing your overhead costs. Our Membrane and Pressure Swing Adsorption nitrogen generators are ideal for use in the electronics manufacturing industry. Our complete systems can help you improve the efficiency of your facility while enhancing the quality of your product.

For all Canadian and US-based inquiries, please contact our office at +1 (877) 737-7760, by email at or fill out our online form for more information about our nitrogen generation products and services.

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