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What is a Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Generator?

what is a psa nitrogen generator

Nitrogen makes up a large component of the air we breathe. Thanks to on-site nitrogen generation, you can take advantage of this unlimited nitrogen source and save yourself 80-90% of your current annual costs. Simply put, a Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Nitrogen Generator, works by extracting nitrogen molecules from your compressed air stream and transforms it into your desired flow, purity and pressure specifications.

When it comes to producing nitrogen, it’s important to first determine the level of purity you want to reach. Some applications like tire inflation; require low purity levels between 90-99%, whereas industrial applications like food and beverage manufacturing require higher levels between 97-99.999%. In comparison to other nitrogen generation technologies, PSA nitrogen generators provide the highest purity, making them ideally suited for a range of applications.

Insight into PSA Technology

Our PSA nitrogen generators are easy to install and operate. They also offer an exceptional return on investment in addition to helping you avoid costly processing, refills and delivery expenses. Read below to learn more about PSA nitrogen generators and how they can benefit your business:

  • PSA nitrogen generators separate nitrogen molecules from other molecules by trapping oxygen and other gases from the compressed air stream through the process of adsorption.
  • The process of on-site nitrogen generation through PSA technologies uses no chemicals, significantly lowering annual consumable costs. It also puts very little strain on its ancillary equipment so you can expect your unit to last 20+ years with the right care and maintenance.

Find a PSA Nitrogen Generator for Your Business at Compressed Gas Technologies Inc

At Compressed Gas Technologies Inc, we have nearly two decades of experience in supplying non-cryogenic nitrogen gas generators across North America. We specialize in both membrane and PSA systems to deliver the exact quantity of nitrogen gas you need, at an affordable rate. With a full range of models and equipment to choose from, our goal is to help you choose the system that is right for your application and needs. In addition to our nitrogen generators, we have a wide range of rental products available and can also provide financing options, engineering services and more. All our nitrogen generation products come with some of the best warranties in the business for your peace of mind.

For all Canadian and US-based inquiries, please contact our office at +1 (877) 737-7760, by email at or fill out our online form for more information about our nitrogen generation products and services.