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The Role of Industrial Nitrogen Generators in Modified Atmospheric Packaging

nitrogen generation in modified atmospheric packaging

If you work in the food and beverage industry, then you already know how time sensitive your packaging process can be. From the moment your product leaves the production line, the deterioration period begins, thanks to bacteria, yeast, mould and moisture in the air. For food manufacturers and processors, the goal then is to delay this onset of decay to preserve the quality and allow more time for the product to reach consumers. One of the most effective ways to do this and increase the shelf life of your product is to use modified atmospheric packaging (MAP) techniques.

MAP uses nitrogen to displace the oxygen content in food packaging to preserve the product for an extended amount of time, in addition to creating a pressurized atmosphere that offers added protection.

The Benefits of Using Nitrogen Gas for MAP

Producing your own nitrogen gas with an industrial nitrogen generator not only eliminates the on-going costs of bulk delivery and storage but it is also a much safer option for your facility. Additionally, a nitrogen gas generator plays a very important role in MAP.

Learn more about the advantages of using a nitrogen generator for MAP below:

  • Extends Shelf Life: Sometimes referred to as “gas flushing” or “reduced oxygen packaging”, MAP involves a process where the natural air is removed from the packaging material and replaced with nitrogen gas. Since nitrogen is inert, it behaves neutrally with foods and does not encourage the decomposition process.
  • Reduces Costs: MAP gives food manufacturers and processors better control over the product, in addition to reducing your costs. An on demand supply of nitrogen eliminates the downtime you would otherwise incur if your bulk supply runs out or cylinders need changing.
  • Increases Sales: Once the product hits the grocery stores, sellers are able to ensure product quality and therefore, increase sales. Manufacturers can also increase their export opportunities into new geographic areas, thanks to the extended shelf life of the products. Additionally, MAP techniques ensure that there are fewer recalls and product returns due to spoilage.
  • Improves Presentation: MAP allows products to have longer freshness cycles with little to no need for chemical preservatives. Using nitrogen for MAP can also help preserve the flavour, colour, texture, taste and aroma of your final product while maintaining its nutritional value.

Discover Our Range of Industrial Nitrogen Generators

At Compressed Gas Technologies Inc, we carry a wide range of industrial nitrogen generators that are perfectly suited for a variety of food packaging applications. Investing in an on-site nitrogen generation system is a simple, sustainable and reliable way of lowering costs and providing nitrogen for your facility. Our systems can produce any level of food-grade nitrogen flow, pressure and purity from standard compressed air. By choosing our quality nitrogen gas generation products and services, your business operation can become more self-sufficient, thus, improving your bottom line.

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