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How Nitrogen Generators are Used in a Laboratory Environment

nitrogen generators laboratory environment

In a laboratory environment, nitrogen gas is mainly used to control a highly sensitive atmosphere. Ideal atmospheric conditions are essential for maintaining a safe, clean and controlled environment where equipment and subsequent procedures depend on it. Since scientific laboratories require a very specific atmosphere, using an on-site nitrogen generator can help you produce the gas in a secure and controlled manner. Nitrogen generation also provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for creating your own supply of nitrogen on demand.

Benefits of Nitrogen Gas Generation in a Laboratory

Relying on a third-party resource for your nitrogen gas supply can present several challenges that are easily avoidable when you invest in an on-site nitrogen generator. Here are a few examples of how nitrogen generators are used in a laboratory environment:

  1. Streamlines Laboratory Processes: If your laboratory depends on a steady flow of nitrogen gas to execute research, having to switch out nitrogen cylinders can often interrupt your project while you wait for a new delivery. On-site nitrogen generators, however, are able to provide you with consistent delivery of purified nitrogen gas without causing significant interruptions and delays during the course of your research.
  2. Offers Consistent Purity Levels: Delivered nitrogen gas is likely to provide inconsistent levels of purity once they begin to run out. Furthermore, contaminants can easily enter the cylinder resulting in gas impurities that may react with your experiments. An on-site nitrogen generator uses the surrounding air to produce a consistent delivery of purified nitrogen gas.
  3. Creates a Comfortable Space: In a laboratory, it’s important that it is a quiet and comfortable space for employees to work in. On-site nitrogen generators are designed to emit a very low sound so you can focus on the task at hand rather than contend with the volume of sound coming from your delivered nitrogen equipment.
  4. Ensures Staff Safety: Using nitrogen for the process of atmospheric blanketing removes oxygen from certain applications to ensure a safe, non-combustible laboratory environment. Additionally, on-site nitrogen generators eliminate the need for staff to handle heavy gas cylinders around the lab that could result in personal injury or equipment damage.

Find Membrane and PSA Nitrogen Generators for Your Laboratory Applications at Compressed Gas Technologies Inc

At Compressed Gas Technologies Inc, our Membrane and Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generators can provide your laboratory with a high degree of safety and efficiency, while improving your bottom line. Switching from gas cylinder deliveries to an on-site nitrogen generator, allows your laboratory to produce a regular supply of nitrogen in the exact quantity you want and when you need it. Since 2001, we have been supplying laboratories across North America with nitrogen generators that are both extremely reliable and cost-effective. Not only do we supply high-quality nitrogen generators and ancillary equipment but we also recognize the importance of providing exceptional customer support and services. Our nitrogen generation products are backed by some of the best warranties in the industry so you can have complete peace of mind.

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