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What is Nitrogen Used for in Various Industries?

what is nitrogen used for

Nitrogen is such a dominant element that it is present in virtually everything – from the solar system to all living organisms here on earth. So, what is nitrogen used for nowadays? Since its initial discovery, nitrogen gas has become a vital component in the industrial sector. Being such an abundant, versatile compound, nitrogen serves various functions across several industries and has become an essential resource to provide. Traditionally, the vast majority of businesses relied on purchasing nitrogen gas or liquid in bulk cylinders to meet their nitrogen supply needs but the process carries with it a significant impact on the environment. Conversely, an on-site industrial nitrogen generator from Compressed Gas Technologies Inc offers your business a better, more cost-effective, sustainable alternative to delivered nitrogen methods.

How is Nitrogen Used in Different Industrial Applications?

Nitrogen is available in the form of a gas or liquid and is commonly used for a number of industrial purposes as well as our daily needs. Continue reading below to discover 5 important industrial uses for nitrogen:

  1. Health Care: In the health care industry, nitrogen is used as a substance to freeze and preserve things like blood, tissue and other biological specimens. Nitrous oxide can also be used as an anesthetic. Furthermore, it can be used as a medical gas during cryosurgery, a procedure that involves using nitrogen to remove some cancers and skin lesions. Nitrogen is also sometimes used to power certain medical devices.
  2. Pharmaceuticals: Nitrogen is used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry. It is used to manufacture medications and is so widely utilized that it can be found in every major pharmaceutical drug class. Raw materials such as inactive ingredients and other chemicals can be extremely sensitive to oxygen which is also where nitrogen comes into play.
  3. Aerospace: Safety is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to manufacturing and processing industrial autoclaves. Since nitrogen is an inert gas, it can prevent the possibility of combustion which makes it an ideal component to use in systems that operate under high temperatures or pressures. Thus, nitrogen provides a safer alternative to compressed air, especially for the aerospace industry.
  4. Oil and Gas: Nitrogen plays a critical role in the drilling, workover and completion stages of oil and gas wells, in addition to pigging and purging pipelines. Nitrogen gas can also be used in onshore and offshore applications to help prevent flammable gases from igniting and protect tubular components from corrosion.
  5. Plastics: The plastics industry is one of the largest in North America. Typically, nitrogen is used to prevent oxidation and discolouring during the manufacturing process and help maintain the integrity of the material.

Why Choose a Nitrogen Generation System

At Compressed Gas Technologies Inc, our on-site industrial nitrogen generating systems only produce dry gas in the quantity that you need and at a lower cost to your business. For almost 20 years, we have provided our clients across North America with quality products and services, in addition to offering the best warranties in the industry. Our goal is to provide you with a simple and scalable system that can be customized to meet your facility’s needs. In addition, we can also help you meet your supply requirements, improve production efficiencies, reduce expenses and become a more sustainable place of business.

For all Canadian and US-based inquiries, please contact our office at +1 (877) 737-7760, by email at or fill out our online form for more information about our nitrogen generation products and services.

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