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Compressed Gas Technologies Celebrates Their 14th Anniversary, Market Diversity Still Continues to Fuel Growth

WINDSOR, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – Nov. 9, 2015) –

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On November 1st, 2015, Compressed Gas Technologies (CGT), with offices in the U.S. and Canada, celebrated 14 years serving customers’ compressed nitrogen gas needs. The diverse product offering and ever-growing list of markets served has contributed to yearly growth for the full line nitrogen generation design and sales company.

CGT’s initial product platform targeted small flow nitrogen users – those requiring up to 3000 cubic feet per hour (scfh). Early customers came from markets such as food packaging, rapid prototyping, chemical producers, foundries, and universities. Although already working with a wide range of users, CGT would continue to expand in new markets and applications.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is a research technique used by chemists to better understand the properties of organic molecules. The sensitive machinery requires a tight specification for its nitrogen cooling gas. In 2003, Compressed Gas Technologies supplied their first system supporting the demanding NMR application. The nitrogen generator is still operating to spec today. Since then CGT has provided systems for academic, research, and military laboratories for vacuum purge, chamber inerting, and chromatographs.

In 2004, CGT became an early developer of nitrogen generators for tire filling. From the race track to the school bus, car dealers and mechanics began taking advantage of the benefits – longer wear and more stable handling – that nitrogen provides the tire industry. Adapting their current product offering to meet the needs of the application, CGT developed systems that are still in operation today, even as other manufacturers have left the challenging market of N2 tire filling.

Compressed Gas Technologies has always offered both membrane and pressure swing adsorption (PSA) style nitrogen generators. In 2006 a fundamental shift in the availability of materials, however, allowed for a swift change in product mix. As membrane demand grew, and prices increased, the end of a patent on carbon molecular sieve (CMS) allowed multiple manufacturers to begin creating the fundamental component of PSA style generators. The lower cost and greater choice of CMS lead to the expansion of

CGT’s product range, increasing their effective capability to 60,000 scfh.

Since that shift, Compressed Gas Technologies has continued to expand into the most challenging applications in North America. Large flow “plug and play” packages with customer specified controls, containerized systems designed for use in cold, Canadian winters, and technical, turnkey systems for use in field military operations, all designed by CGT, have been reliably producing nitrogen for years.

The key to their growth, says Pat McCloskey of CGT, is listening to their customer’s needs.

“Throughout the years we have been very fortunate to be able to work with companies located all over the world, in almost every industry imaginable. We ask a lot of questions to determine what is best suited for the application. If we can offer a cost effective alternative to the customer’s current source, we will do so. If we cannot, we let the customer know immediately saving them time and resources.”

Compressed Gas Technologies capabilities now include small, cost effective membrane generators, modular membrane and PSA system for medium flow requirements, and large flow PSA “twin tower” nitrogen systems for large flow requirements. Some of the largest, most well known companies in the world – from athletic shoe manufacturers to soup makers and wineries – have trusted CGT for their nitrogen supply.

About Compressed Gas Technologies

Compressed Gas Technologies has been providing a wide range of membrane and PSA based nitrogen generators since 2001. Combining both application and nitrogen system knowledge, the CGT team have successfully placed hundreds of nitrogen generators, allowing clients to take direct control of their nitrogen supply. Through return on investment reports and individual application evaluations, Compressed Gas Technologies is committed to providing the information needed to make informed decisions about nitrogen supply. To learn more about Compressed Gas Technologies, please visit their website:

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