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What is the Main Industrial Use of Nitrogen?

Main Industrial Use of Nitrogen

Nitrogen gas is one of the most common elements found in the earth’s atmosphere and there are a number of industrial uses in which it applies. This is because one of the most unique properties of this colourless and odourless gas is its ability to construct multiple bonds with other elements and compounds. Thus, this makes compressed nitrogen gas exceptionally versatile and it can, therefore, be used in many forms across diverse industries.

5 Industrial Applications of Nitrogen

While the main industrial use of nitrogen is to create ammonia that is required for fertilizer, explosives, and other materials, it uses go far beyond these applications. From food packaging to pharmaceuticals, nitrogen gas can be found in more places and used for more purposes than you may have realized. Read on to learn more about a few important uses in which nitrogen gas plays a very important role:

  • Food Packaging: It is common practice for food processing companies to use compressed nitrogen to displace oxygen in the packaging of perishable foods. Without oxygen, the shelf life of foods such as meats, fruits, vegetables, and various snack foods can be extended. Nitrogen can also add a cushion around food to keep it safe during transport.
  • Chemical Blanketing: Nitrogen is typically used to prevent fires and explosions in dangerous atmospheres like chemical plants or manufacturing facilities, by lowering the oxygen level below explosive limits.
  • Electronics: In the process of assembling electronics, nitrogen gas is used when two electronic components are forming a permanent connection, also known as soldering. The gas is used to reduce surface tension so there is a cleaner break away from the site of the electrical bond. Nitrogen gas is also used in a computer’s main processing system to prevent it from overheating.
  • Laboratory: Laboratories require a very specific environment to ensure that tests and results are carried out accurately. Nitrogen gas is used to control oxygen levels, humidity and temperature, and maintain an appropriate atmosphere for highly sensitive procedures and equipment. Additionally, there are various pieces of laboratory equipment that require nitrogen for purging.
  • Laser Cutting: The application of nitrogen as a purging gas in the steel industry is extremely important. It is used as an assist gas to blow away molten material and achieve a stronger stainless or aluminized steel product that is also more resistant to corrosion.

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