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The Benefits of Nitrogen Generators for Laser Cutting

nitrogen generators for laser cutting applications

Lasers are used for a number of purposes in the metal processing industry. Generally, manufacturers use lasers to cut metals like steel, aluminum and other raw materials. With the help of pure nitrogen gas, lasers can completely transform the way your company does business by allowing you to increase production in a fraction of the time, yet, with higher accuracy than ever before. Since nitrogen gas plays such an integral role in metal manufacturing, it’s time for plant owners to eliminate bulk storage systems in favour of an on-site nitrogen generator. Whereas bulk systems are unreliable and affect your bottom line, nitrogen generation systems provide a sustainable approach to providing this invaluable gas.

6 Reasons to Use a Nitrogen Generator for Laser Cutting

Traditionally, oxygen has been used as an assist gas but nitrogen gas offers several more advantages when it comes to cutting metals. Take a look at 6 key reasons why nitrogen generators should be used for precision laser cutting services:

  1. Offers Convenience and Flexibility: With a nitrogen generator, you have the flexibility to produce your own nitrogen when you need it. If you are still getting nitrogen from a supplier, a contract can prevent you from switching suppliers if they decide to raise your rates. Additionally, generating nitrogen on-site is ideal for companies that are located in remote areas or situated away from gas suppliers.
  2. Little Maintenance: If you properly care for your nitrogen generation system, it will perform well and last for several years. Multiple filter components ensure that water, oil and other debris are removed so that your generator remains in top condition. The generator itself only requires preventative maintenance once a year with filters changed every 6 months to a year.
  3. Minimizes Laser Distortion: When nitrogen gas is delivered at a high enough pressure, it has the ability to eliminate any particles from the surface that it touches. This is extremely beneficial for laser cutting as nitrogen gas is used to ensure that any substances that could interfere with the laser are cleared from its path. The gas is also responsible for cleaning the optics head by removing any moisture or debris.
  4. Sustainable Alternative: Relying on an on-site nitrogen generator will reduce waste and your use of fossil fuels that would otherwise be produced by nitrogen delivery trucks. Furthermore, nitrogen generation systems also reduce your dependency on the power grid.
  5. Reduces Costs: Ordering nitrogen cylinders every month not only poses a major inconvenience but is also very expensive. Rising nitrogen usage has resulted in a significant price increase for both bulk liquid nitrogen and compressed gas cylinders. While costs may be more upfront, an on-site nitrogen generator allows you to produce your own gas, reduces laser cutting costs and improves your ROI.
  6. Ensures a Better End Product: One of the main benefits of replacing oxygen as the assist gas with a nitrogen component is its ability to reduce oxidation and discolouration which could result in an inferior product. If a carbon layer forms on the cut edge, it could cause a lack of adhesion when a paint or coating is applied.

Learn More about Our Nitrogen Generator Products and Services

At Compressed Gas Technologies Inc, we recommend using Membrane or PSA nitrogen generators for all your laser cutting needs. An on-site nitrogen generator can help you avoid costly problems that can arise as a result of cutting with oxygen. Since nitrogen gas does not react to high temperatures, using it as an assist gas to blow away molten materials from the cutting site will ensure that you are left with clean edges that do not require any further action, saving you time and resources. Producing your own nitrogen on-site with one of our industrial nitrogen generators is a simple, reliable and cost-effective solution that will help you regain control over your gas consumption and ultimately, your business.

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