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Why More Breweries and Wineries are Choosing On-Site Industrial Nitrogen Generators for their Business

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Compressed nitrogen gas is used for a number of different industrial applications around the world. The use of nitrogen has become especially popular in the brewing and winery industries due to its natural ability to preserve both the raw materials and final products. Breweries often rely on compressed nitrogen gas as an alternative to oxygen, while wineries incorporate the gas into their manufacturing processes to avoid the effects of oxidation. If your brewery or winery still uses delivered cylinders to pressurize and preserve your spirits, it’s time to reconsider your nitrogen source. To combat the rising costs and safety risks, invest in an on-site generator from Compressed Gas Technologies Inc for your business.

3 Advantages of an On-site Industrial Nitrogen Generator

For many businesses, nitrogen is an absolute necessity. Although initial costs may prevent you from making the investment, an on-site industrial nitrogen generator can offer your brewery or winery several benefits, including the following:

  • Preserves Taste Quality: One of the biggest advantages of using a nitrogen generator system to produce wine or beer is to enhance the flavour of your final product. Since nitrogen is primarily used to eliminate oxygen in the manufacturing process, flavour changing effects can be drastically minimized. Nitrogen can also be used by brewers to create a creamier and smoother beer with unique taste benefits.
  • Extends Shelf Life: During the bottling process, nitrogen is used to displace oxygen, thereby extending the product’s shelf life. In both of the beverage making processes, nitrogen gas prevents spoilage by reducing residual oxygen concentrations. Brewers and winemakers use nitrogen during the purging and transfer stages to ensure that there is nothing left over from previous batches that have the potential to oxidize or pollute the next batch.
  • Creates a Consistent Product: Compressed nitrogen improves the colour, flavour, and carbonization of your final product and creates more consistent batches. It is also extremely useful for minimizing the contact between the air and your product which results in a higher-quality and better-tasting beer or wine.

Quality Nitrogen Generation Systems for Your Brewing Operations

By using an on-site industrial nitrogen generation system, brewers and winemakers can significantly improve their productivity in addition to lowering the costs of their operations. Our goal is to help you select the right nitrogen generator that is suitable for your particular applications and requirements. Our complete line of nitrogen generators includes membrane and PSA-Pressure Swing Adsorption technologies as well as their accompanying equipment. If you are ready to invest in an on-site nitrogen generator, we also offer a complete range of financing and engineering services to make your transition a simple and seamless one.

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